Drain Commissioner

S.M.I.L.E. Program Cancellations
Due to the influx of recent C-19 cases the Drain Commissioner has reduced the hours of his office and is limiting the in person visits. To schedule a face to face meeting, please contact us at 269.983.7111 Ext. 8267 or draincomissioner@berriencounty.org.

Revised Office Hours 9-3 

(Counter appointments in advance)
Mon & Wed
9 AM - 3 PM (Permits)
Tues & Thurs
8:30 AM - 2: 30 PM
9 AM - 1 PM (Permits)

Contact Information (PDF)

The County Drain Commissioner is an elected official who serves a four year term, and is responsible for the administration of the State Drain Laws (P.A. 40 of 1956, as amended) also known as "The Drain Code".


The Drain Commissioner is responsible for the establishment, construction and maintenance of over 800 storm water management systems (County Drains) and 5 Lake Level facilities in Berrien County.

These systems are designed to provide water management, drainage, flood prevention and stream protection for urban and agricultural lands. The Drain Commissioner develops standards and specifications for management of storm water runoff in new developments.


Soil Erosion


Detention Calculation Sheet