911 Centers in Berrien County currently subscribe to "Smart911," an internet-based service, linked to participating 911 centers nationwide. That means that citizens may register at no cost, to build their own personal and household profiles on "," and entities may register facility profiles at "" Your profiles are stored on a secure hosted site provided by Rave Mobile Safety. The service utilizes the same secure sockets layer (SSL) certificate authority and encryption technologies used by leading financial institutions. Your secured profile information is only made available to the 911center when you call 911.

Smart911 profiles are most useful with:

  • Locations that have unknown addresses
  • Identify occupants and provide special needs/medical condition details
  • Pinpoint access drives and entry points, gate combinations, lock box/key locations,  medical equipment locations, emergency utility shut-offs
  • Floor plans and building photos
  • Links phone numbers to specific address (home, school, work)
  • Caller cannot communicate in situations due to allergic reactions, heart attack, home invasion, etc.
  • Quickly share Missing person identification information, descriptions, photos
  • Business after-hour contact and key-holder information, hazardous material lists/locations
  • Use Smart911 to replace antiquated Berrien County "911 Information Forms"


Learn more about and register a Smart911TM Profile and a RAVEFacilityTM Profile.